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Registration closed

You can still try to register in person on 29.07.2017 from 10:00 to 11:00


# Name Callsign Country
1 Arvydas LIQUIDAS Lithuania
2 Arminas ARMIS Lithuania
3 Oskars Nule Latvia
4 Andis JackFrost Latvia
5 Maris MrBrakovski Latvia
6 Kristaps KP Latvia
7 Romanas RomanS Lithuania
8 Gatis GL Latvia
9 Janis Andersons Latvia
10 Tomas TJ Lithuania
11 Paulius FPV Panda Lithuania
12 Aleksis ALEX Latvia
13 Tomass ToPe Latvia
14 Mantas Zitkus Lithuania
15 Laurynas Siorg Lithuania
16 Andris ANDRIS Latvia
17 Arnas nox Lithuania
18 Andrejs ANDREWI Latvia
19 Mārtiņš SPK Latvia
20 Romualdas Mr.69 Lithuania
21 Karlis Karlis Latvia
22 Vladislavs Jetta Latvia
23 Edgaras Censored Lithuania
24 Ragana Ragana Lithuania
25 Vilius EnkoLT Lithuania
26 Kestutis KST Lithuania
27 Gediminas GordisFPV Lithuania
28 Meelis MV Estonia
29 Oliver Oliver Estonia
30 Andrius andrius Lithuania
31 Kristjan kris Estonia
32 Inga ingafpv Latvia
33 Roman Ehitaja Estonia
34 Matas Matucha Lithuania
35 Armands SkyWalker Latvia
36 Gustavs G.Key Latvia
37 Oskars OGee Latvia


Day Zero - 28.07.2017

Day One - 29.07.2017

Day Two - 30.07.2017

KING of the HILL

What is KING of the HILL?

KING of the HILL competition is based on modified ELO rating system. Each pilot at the start of the competition will be assigned 1500 ELO points. Because of this there are no qualification or elimination rounds. ELO system awards pilots with points based on their finishing position in the heat and opponent strength. Heats will be arranged in a way where each pilot will fly with similarly skilled opponents.

How many pilots per heat?

Each heat will have 6 pilots

How many laps per heat?

Each pilot will have to fly 3 laps

Will there be spotters?

Pilots might get asked to spot a pilot.

What is the reason behind spotters?

Each heat is a race. Spotters will have to count valid laps manually using a button.


Overall information

Drone specification

Race protocol

Check-In procedure:

Entering and leaving race track.

Do not enter if race is in progress. You need to be off the track once 15 sec countdown starts.


When your run ends, you must land immediately at landing place.

Retrieving drone

When all drones have landed, you can retrieve you drone.


You may only enter the track with the approval of the organizers, or whenever you are required to set up or retrieve your drone before or after a heat. After you’ve finished flying you may only retrieve your drone once all the other drones have stopped flying. It is strictly forbidden to power up any video transmitters during the course of the event unless invited to, or during the set-up period before your heat.

Extraordinary situations

If at any point a pilot does not agree with the score they’ve received, or the penalties the spotter has counted, the organizers may review DVR footage and come to a verdict. The organizers maintain the rights to change rules, flying format, schedule etc. giving a notice to the participants.


Accomodation:, or similar

Olympic center "Ventspils" territory